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Bren Esports edge out Entity Gaming to progress to knockout phase

Bren won the pistol round on Nuke starting out on the less favoured T side. But, Entity came back strong on the subsequent round before running to a 6-1 lead early in the map, thanks to their controlled aggression supported by good backup. Entity’s dominated was evidenced by the fact that Bren managed to put the bomb down just once during that run. But, the Filipinos seem to have identified a weakness in Entity’s defence, with the Indian stack relinquishing ramp control easily. Bren chose to focus on ramp and the B site in particular; a strategy that immediately paid dividends, leveling the scoreline.

Bren then proceeded to mix it up and Entity found no answer to their offence, with the Ts ending the half 9-6, with an eight round winning streak. Eight soon became nine as Bren won the pistol after a good initial charge from Entity at A. The ensuing round saw BORKUM go huge with a 4k at ramp to extend Bren’s lead. Entity had to wait till Round 21 to get themselves on the board on the T side with a crisp A hit. Psy then went absolute ham near the ramp corridor, converting a 2v5 in Entity’s favour with a 4k and forcing Bren to take a timeout, with the CTs low on economy.

Consecutive 3ks from skillz towards the B site pushed Entity into double digits. But, Papi Chulo returned the favour with a 3k on his own, shutting down Entity’s attempt to take over A, with Bren winning the subsequent round to close the map out 16-10.

Entity started explosively on the T side on Mirage with a 4k from DEATHMAKER ensuring they win the pistol round. Entity converted the following rounds to race to a 3-0 lead. What followed this was four consecutive B hits from Entity, with Bren choosing to save their weaponry in each of those rounds. Amaterasu came up huge in the 8th round, registering a 1v3 ace clutch to extend Entity’s lead to 8-0.

Papi Chulo fired back with a 3k with his deagle at A palace to put Bren on the board. Another 3k, this time from Derek doubled Bren’s total rounds won on Mirage. Amaterasu and Excali though, retaliated with a 3k each in the following rounds before Bren pulled back two rounds to end the half trailing 4 to 11.

DEATHMAKER continued to dazzle with the pistol, with a 3k this time around to win it for Entity and put Bren further on the back foot. But, the Bren onslaught soon begun, with the Filipinos registering five rounds in a row. Entity and Bren traded rounds before the Ts soon gained control of the proceedings, leveling the score at 14-14. Entity though, dug deep down and managed to pull one out of the bag to close out the map 16-14 to push the game to the decider on Train.

Entity started Train on the CT side looking to gain momentum, winning the pistol round and the ensuing round. Bren Esports though, resorted to their B takes, forcing Entity into a 2-man save and opening their account on Train. A 1v3 from Papi Chulo leveled the scoreline and an A take after, it was Bren who took the lead. Entity though, were prepared this time around and hit back, restoring their advantage and racing to 6-3. Bren recovered from the Entity onslaught and managed to string some rounds together, ending the half 8-7 in their favour.

Derek made sure it was Bren who won the pistol round this time around, with a 3k of his own on the retake. The two teams went back and forth but Bren soon took control of the match, shutting down Entity’s offence and racing to a 15-9 lead. With Entity facing six elimination points, heroics from DEATHMAKER and Excali brought Entity to within four rounds of forcing an overtime. But, Bren prevailed, annihilating the Entity A offence to knock Entity out of Zowie eXTREMESLAND 2019.

Even though Entity failed to qualify for the knockout phase, we saw visible improvement within a day against Bren Esports, ergo the Indian stack showed their ability to learn from their errors.

Abhisek Bajaj
Abhisek Bajajhttp://www.talkesport.com
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