FaZe Clan 2nd underage streamer Soleil “Ewok” Wheeler has been another one of Twitch stars to jump ship to Microsoft’s Mixer. Mixer has acquired the 14-year-old’s to exclusively stream on their platform. Ewok is a special steamer in her own right, despite having impaired hearing ability, she is one the best streamers around. Her success went to such an extent that FaZe Clan came through to sign her.

Ewok was nowhere near the fan following of Ninja or Shroud left for Mixer earlier, but she boasts a hefty 284000 followers on Twitch. She took part in the celebrity Pro-Am for the Fortnite World Cup where she was paired with singer Jordan Fisher. They finished 25th and walked away with $25000 and establishing herself as one of the best female pros out there.

Her debut stream date is not declared as of late but it is speculated to be in mid-November. Ewok’s signing shows that Mixer is not just targeting streamers with huge fan following but also acquiring personalities from different backgrounds. Ewok unlike Ninja or Tfue ranked 261st in most viewed Fortnite channels and only has around 80hours of streaming making her signing a very tactical and pragmatic one for Mixer.

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