Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Challenge 2022: Everything you need to know

Krafton recently announced their plans about BGMI esports for this year and under that, four different tournaments are to be hosted in 2022. The first tournament is called as Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Challenge and here is everything you need to know about it.

BGMI esports is flourishing and it reached new heights as Krafton has allocated a cumulative prize pool of ₹6 crore for 2022 season. BMOC 2022 registration phase was set to begin in February but after a short delay, the new dates are out. Players can register for BMOC 2022 from 13th March and rest of the details would be announced on a later stage.

BMOC will have a total of three rounds and the final 24 teams at the end of BMOC round 3 will directly qualify to BMPS Season 1.

The first in-game qualifiers will have 512 top teams and the number will be shortened to 256 in the next round. Ultimately, 64 teams will move to round three and out of them, the top 24 teams will qualify for BMPS S1 as mentioned before.

These top 24 teams will be mixed with a number of invited teams and they will battle it out in the BMPS S1 qualifiers. The top 24 teams from qualifiers will move to the league stage and from there, top 16 will make their way into the grand finals.

BMOC 2022 is an open-for-all event and players can team up with their friends and form roster to compete at the grassroots level. This is an exciting opportunity for underdogs to make their way into the tier 1 circuit.