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Battleground Mobile India Release Date Speculated By PUBGM Pros

Battlegrounds Mobile India, the new battle-royale title by Krafton is about to be released anytime now as the developers are encouraging users to pre-register. PUBG Mobile pros and influencers belonging to the community have already started to drop hints on the release date. The speculated time is going to be around the third week of June.

Krafton came back to the Indian market with a new battle-royale game especially made for India. This game is set to replace PUBG Mobile in India after a span of about 9 months. The former PUBG Mobile community is very excited about this launch and some influencers have already started to share insider information in cryptic format on their social media.

Many well-known personalities from the community were hyping up the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India even before it was announced. Most of these claims turned to be bogus but some had solid footing. This time, big names like TSM Ghatak and Soul Mortal have jumped on the hype train and dropped some hints.

Ghatak dropped clear hints regarding the game. He has said tweeted a simple message stating “Third Week of June” which can only be associated with the release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India as the name has been mentioned above the message itself. Ghatak has been an active member in discussions revolving Battlegrounds Mobile India and has shared valuable insights about things like in-game inventory and cross-server play before.

Mortal is one of the most famous gaming personalities in India. He has never explicitly shared details about the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India but this time, it seems like he has participated in it. He tweeted ” 12345 Date hai isme kisi cheez ki” which directly translates to “12345 There is a date of something in this”.

These two tweets have led the community to speculate different dates and timeframes in which Battlegrounds Mobile India could be released. Ghatak’s tweet includes a clear time but Mortal has posted a more cryptic message. If these speculations are true, players can expect to see the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India by June end.

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