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Genshin Impact Kazuha banner 4 stars characters & Release Date Leaked

Genshin Impact has been quite a popular game since its launch and another good news for their fans is that miHoYo have now added two-factor authentication. 

The release date for the game has been leaked and it could be as early as June 9th. Although, the release date for the Kazuha banner in Genshin Impact update 1.6 could also be June 29th. 

There is still no confirmation on whether the new character will come before the supposed Klee re-run, and the first estimation is provided update 1.6 launches on June 9th as expected. All the banners in Genshin Impact usually last three weeks thanks to each version of the game lasting six weeks.

The dates are not yet official but June 30th or June 9th are the two likely release dates for Kazuha depending on whether he is before or after Klee.


There have been quite a few leaks in the characters for the Kazuhad banner in Genshin Impact which includes Rosaria as well as Bennett and Razor.

All the above leaks have come through Lumie on Twitter, in which he also says that this is not official and might not happen. However, this was the first significant leak to appear before the update 1.6 live stream happens.

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