Galaxy Racer takes first chicken dinner in PMPL Arabia, GUNZ Esports leads the overall standings

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We are into week 2 of the PMPL Arabia regular season where the top 16 teams from the weekday stage are competing with each other in the super weekend 2. The Iraqi squad, GUNZ Esport created the first-ever record in the history of PMPL Arabia. 

GUNZ Esport completely owned the first day of the super weekend 2 and took three consecutive chicken dinners in matches 3, 4, and 5. They have become the first-ever team to get hat trick chicken dinners in the regular season. The team is sitting on the top of the leader with 269 points with 119 kills. They hold a massive lead of 43 points from the second team in the overall standings. 

Zombies Esport holds the number two spot in the overall standings with 226 points, including the 132 kills. At present, they have the highest number of kill points from any team in the league. Falcons Esport is in the third position, soon the team will go down in the standings as they could not qualify for the super weekend 2.

This was the first super weekend for the fan favourite team, Galaxy Racer. They also managed to get a good start to the day and secured the first chicken dinner of the regular season. The team has climbed to the 16th spot at the end of the day with 69 points. After GUNZ Esport 109 points secured in a single day, Galaxy Racer took the second-highest points on the first day of the super weekend 2.

PMPL Arabia 2021: Super Weekend Week 2 Day 1 Kill Leaders

Day 2 of the Super weekend was majorly dominated by the players of GUNZ Esport. Here is the list of the top 5 kill leaders of Super Weekend 2 Day 1:

  1. Lord (GUNZ Esport) – 17 kills – 2184 damage
  2. Break (Zombies Esport) – 15 kills – 2470 damage
  3. Freak (GUNZ Esport) – 13 kills – 2297 damage
  4. MJ (Galaxy Racer) – 12 kills – 1534 damage
  5. Jhodi (Alpha Legends) – 11 kills – 1818 damage

PMPL Arabia 2021: Super Weekend Week 2 Top 5 Players

PMPL Arabia Super weekend is a three-day event where each qualified team will play a total of 15 matches (each day 5 matches). We are done with the first day and we have our top 5 players of Super Weekend 1.

Freak (GUNZ Esports)

  • Avg Damage – 459
  • Avg Kills – 2.6
  • Avg Survival Time – 24:27 (highest)

Break (Zombies Esports)

  • Avg Damage – 494 (highest)
  • Avg Kills – 3
  • Avg Survival Time – 20:22

Lord (GUNZ Esport)

  • Avg Damage – 437
  • Avg Kills – 3.4 (highest)
  • Avg Survival Time – 21:34

Humam (Zombies Esports)

  • Avg Damage – 450
  • Avg Kills – 1.6
  • Avg Survival Time – 20:26

Hamody (GUNZ Esport)

  • Avg Damage – 345
  • Avg Kills – 1.8
  • Avg Survival Time – 22:36

Today is the 2nd day of Super weekend 2 where each team will play a total of 5 matches. Super weekend points will decide the League Stage overall standings of PUBG Mobile Pro League Arabia Season 1.

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