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Rainbow Six Siege Begins Testing For Crossplay

Rainbow Six Siege fans, Rejoice! Ubisoft has officially confirmed that they have begun testing their upcoming crossplay feature.

Earlier today, Ubisoft announced in a Tweet that they have started testing crossplay for Rainbow Six Siege between PC and cloud gaming platforms.

While this limited crossplay feature might not be the most exciting news for the Rainbow Six Siege fan base, something broader might just be on the horizon.

Ubisoft has also teased further information on R6 crossplay and has asked fans to tune in to the upcoming Ubisoft Forward on Saturday, June 12th for “more information on Rainbow Six Siege’s plans for Crossplay and Crossprogression.” 

Previously, we had seen former game director Jean-Baptiste Halle claiming in an interview with PC gamer that they were working on R6 crossplay. 

“Within the realm of consoles, I think it would be great if PlayStation and Xbox could play together,” he said.

However, crossplay between PC and consoles still seems to be uncertain.

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