Ate Gaming

Ate Gaming, India’s CS pride has ventured into the CSGO roster, again. The organization will make their first presence at Gods of the Gaming event, scheduled a couple of days from now.

The roster will have their former players, Kappa and Ritz, who were also a part of their CS 1.6 squad.

Ritesh 'RitZ' Shah

Ate Gaming’s journey in CS goes back to the time when Indian CS was emerging. Among the few first – literal – teams in India was Ate Gaming, competing with NSD Gaming, Invictus.

With the likes of Mikhail ‘Rshknn’ Mehra, Ben ‘raid’ Varghese and Amar ‘rey’ Ratnam, Ate’s journey was worth appreciation. ESWC 2007, WCG 2010, ESWC 2014,  ESWC 2013 were some of the events where Ate Gaming got global recognition. At that point in time, Karthik Rao had the possession to promote the team and invite collaborations from the brands.

Tejas ‘Ace’ Sawant, once lead the team (CSGO) during the year 2012, the results of which were not fascinating enough for their survival. Hence, it had to be dismantled.

Ate Gaming won the WCG 2010 – India Qualifiers

Ate Gaming’s Gods of Gaming roster looks like:

  • Sagnik ‘hellfightR’ Roy
  • Akshay ‘Kappa’ Sinkar
  • Ritesh ‘Ritz’ Shah
  • Shara ‘Buster’ Dave
  • Hasnain ‘impale’ Sayed

We had earlier predicted that there could be the re-entry of Ate Gaming into the industry. Sagar ‘lOvEsx’ Vyas, renowned FIFA champion from India and also a part of Ate Gaming’s core management confirmed their progress in forming a permanent roster for the future events.

Furthermore, the announced team will only take part in the Gods of Gaming event. The active players’ nomination for the future tournaments will be unveiled later.

An earlier version of the story mentioned Ate Gaming as the winners of ESWC 2014, which was factually incorrect. Instead, Virtual Impact had won the India qualifiers. We projected it as Ate due to the similarity of the players, SmX, MithilF.