My Journey started as a normal café gamer in Goregaon where I just used to play with computer. Some people thought that I play more better than average and suggested me to play fifa events which I had zero idea about, but since it was related to FIFA I thought of giving It a try, so I went to play FIFA professionally for the first event which was organized by Zapak Gaming malad and I experienced some next level shit, reaching till semi finals was a big thing for me as I was not aware of the rules and the formats.

Then I learnt about big players which were coming there to play and one of them was.. (don’t want to mention name). He won the game and I was like fan of his gameplay and wanted to meet him, discus about the scene, the professional scene and more but I forgot “With great skill comes bigger ego” I was quite frustrated about this and that was the day when I decided to take this seriously and become better than him, compete with them and beat him with confidence!


It was when I was in my 10th standard and unfortunately I didn’t have computer, for which I had to literally pull off the typical Indian drama of ‘Not eating food until wishes fulfill’. I was quickly able to manipulate the emotions of my parents and able to get the computer followed by the hardcore practice session to be the best in the then version of FIFA. To some of you it might seem odd, but trust me I used to FIFA for atleast 17 hours a day. The repeated career mode sessions and what not. Eventually, I learnt some nasty tricks and tried them in local event with grace and success. Later, I participated in the first ever MAJOR of my professional run, WCG. I had to travel to Delhi all the way to participate in the qualifiers only to know that I will not be able to participate from a different city? Damnit.

Today, when I re-call that I think it was for good as it burnt me from within and I encraved the passion of competiting and winning it from my Home city, Mumbai. But luck wasn’t favoring me when I was informed I can’t even pariticpate in the Mumbai event since I have breached the rules and travelled to Delhi. But still as being a Mumbikar pateli pahele, I went to the Mumbai event and then I knew I wont be allowed to play, but took a chance, was about to lose hope, till the time I heard of one of the best CS 1.6 teams of India that time, Ate. Gaming and some people told me to talk to Ben Varghese as he was the a renowned personality that time and a known personality in the gaming field.

I had the only option to approach him and play my final card of requesting him. Luckily the noise was heard and I was allowed to participate. I was the first runner-up of that event but that too, was something auspicious to me. Just after WCG, I got an opportunity to join India’s one of the best gaming squads if I win DSK Supinfocom and for that I didn’t leave any stone unturned. I did everything which I could to help myself sprinting the way of success. Non stop practices, sleepless nights and undisputed passion got me the reward. I won the first ever DSK gaming event. It was shocking for then existing FIFA community to see an underdog clinched a major event but they didn’t know my burning spirit inside and since then there was no stopping for me.
The turning point of my career was during ESWC, the big-pot International event for which I was excited and thrilled at the same time.

Sagar "lOvEsX" Vyas
Sagar Vyas with the famous female pro gamer zAaz

People from all across the country were fighting for THAT one life-changing spot. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make my way to the top for which the spirit inside of me got fueled a little bit and my inner conscious persuaded me to practice for a bit longer and harder for the next season in 2012. I waited for a-loooooooong-year to fight for the slot and represent India abroad. I won the Mumbai qualifiers of ESWC 2012 and proceeded to play the national qualifiers in Goa. The sheer dedication and my uttermost hardwork resulted in the win and I got the opportunity FINALLY to be the Indian representative of FIFA in Paris. (yea, baby!)

Despite being very little active on the scene and beating some consistent professionals at that time, I got tremendous support from the community, I got good-wishes, best-of-lucks, people were obliged of how I made them proud and some were even disappointed…… yeaaaaaaaaaaaah! I’d like to thank, Team NSD, Ate.Gaming, Brutality and organizations like TalkEsport who boosted my morale and allowed me to enter into the comfortable zone for a long-awaited-tensed-journey!

In ESWC, to my hard-luck I was placed in the toughest group which had the 1st and 2nd best of the world FIFA players. Imagine playing your first event international and facing the world best in your very first game. I definitely improved my game a lot with defensive skills to match myself at the International level. I beat “ovvy” which was at that time FIFA’s second world best player and who later on managed to win the event coming from the loosers bracket. I qualified the group stage proceeding to round of 16 where my journey ended. But I defenitely got placed in the “Hall of Fame” of ESWC when my name was flashed in the Top 10 FIFA players in the world with the Indian flag hoisted.

That was one of the greatest of experience I ever had. After returning back from ESWC, I got the deserving attention. My hard-work was paying me back with the fame I got and the interviews media outlets were publishing. But somewhere deep inside I was aware of the lack of scope in the professional gaming scene at that point of time. It was next to impossible for me to convince my family that even after winning hundreds of events I was only able to bring home “goodies” and you guys know it too. The future was never bright with Goodies. I quit the scene after winning a local event. Today, after the couple of years gap when I experience and see professional gaming going to an alltogether different level, I feel that my passion finally has a home and a career to fulfil my essential needs.

I am not bragging about myself being the representative of India overseas, there were a lot of them which represented India and failed miserably in doing so. I mentioned this because I was being bullied at times for not having a “fan-page” or a huge “fan-base” because I never made fans, I made.. friends. This long-post was not to send you people to boredom but you make you feel excited of me returning back to the scene once again with loads of surprises! And R4!dforce is going to change the way you guys see eSport events in India! You guys will see me playing FIFA 17 again and I assure you that I will not let anyone down. You can follow my page for regular updates, check out my achievements and links below!

About Sagar:

Sagar “lOvEsx” Vyas

Sagar "lOvEsx" Vyas

Sagar “lOvEsx” Vyas, 23, Is a Professional Fifa Player (India). Winner of major tournaments. And has represented India at ESWC Paris finishing top 10 in world.

Achievements – FiFa Pc/Xbox/Ps3 :

1) Winner @Wcg Mumbai .
2) Winner @ DSK SupInfocomm 2011.
3) Winner @ Thakur College of Engineering.
4) Runner-Up @ Masakre 2011 at Jaipur.
5) Winner @ Navi Mumbai Mayor Cyber Gaming Championship 2011.
6) Winner @ DSK Game Kshetra 2011. (2nd – 4th Dec, 2011).
7) Winner FiFa’11 PC @ Rhythm’12 at Atharva College of Engineering (2nd – 4th Mar, 2012).
8) Winner FiFa’11 PC @ IEEE Fest at Ahtarva College of Engineering (13th Mar, 2012).
9) Winner Fifa 12 ps3 @ 603 The Gaming Cafe by Games 4 u.
10) Runner-up GoG Banglore .
11) Runner-up Zinklo Tournment Mulund.
12) Winner @ Delhi “Lets Fifa 12”.
13) Winner @ Eswc Qualifiers Mumbai.
14) Winner of Eswc National Finals (GOA).
15) Top 16 in World Eswc .

My gears

Controllers: Xbox 360, Sony PS3 , Thrustmaster.
Keyboard: Steelseries 6Gv2
Mouse: Steelseries Xai
Mousemat: Steelseries Tayloo
Headset: Steelseries Siberia v2

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