Manila Major update

Manila Major Update – Day 4

Manila Major Update
Manila Major Update

Manila Major Update – Day 4 concludes with the departure of three teams namely the fan favorites Natus Vincere, The home team from South East Asia – Fnatic and the Starladder i-League winners Vici Gaming.Reborn. Team Liquid & LGD Gaming will proceed in the lower bracket.

Analysis of all the games for Today.

Natus Vincere V/s Team Liquid

GAME 1 Analysis   Winner : Team Liquid

Team Liquid with a solid push lineup was expected to end the game between 20-30 minutes  with the pushing power brought to the table by MATUMBAMAN’s impressive Lone Druid and FATA’s Dragon Knight, but Na’Vi was able to hold up the game till 40 minutes and at the end of the day the damage output from solo physical damage dealer i.e Juggernaut was not enough to sail Na’Vi’s ship to next end.

GAME 2 Analysis  Winner : Team Liquid

Na’Vi with their most comfortable heroes were not able to pull out the game as they fail to defeat Team Liquid after getting Lycan and Dendi’s Queen of Pain. Fata and Matumbaman were able to pull out the game will some excellent plays from Jerax’s Tusk and Kuroky’s Jungling Beastmaster.

Natus Vincere will finish at 7th – 8th position and take home $105,000

Game 1 Dotabuff

Game 2 Dotabuff

Vici_Gaming Reborn V/S LGD Gaming

GAME 1 Analysis   Winner : LGD Gaming

The performance expected from the english talent at the Analyst desk from Maybe’s Invoker was delivered with a dominant KDA of 13 and score of 12/2/14. Vici Gaming Reborn failed to withstand against Maybe’s Invoker after their last pick Ursa which brought a surprise to the table.

GAME 2 Analysis   Winner : Vici_Gaming

LGD Gaming starting up with Tidehunter first pick for xiao8 were not able to out farm nono’s Alchmist in game 2 after Maybe’s Invoker was banned in the final phase. Nono’s Alchemist had about 10 k extra net worth from the highest farmed hero on the side of LGD Gaming

GAME 3 Analysis   Winner : LGD Gaming

Game 1 was Maybe’s Show, Game 2 was Alchamist’s and Slark overfarming the opponents with amazing teamfighter Axe in team. Game 3 can be said as a stomp from Maybe and Aggressif with KDA’s 19 & 17 respectively. Maybe and Aggressif are surely the shining stars of the team but captain xiao8 on his Enigma with some good black holes enabled his bag the win.

Vici_Gaming Reborn will finish 7th – 8th Position and take home the prize many of $105,000

Game 1 Dotabuff

Game 2 Dotabuff

Game 3 Dotabuff

Team Liquid V/s Fnatic

GAME 1 Analysis   Winner : Team Liquid

Both teams picked up greedy position 4 supports i.e Axe for Fnatic and Doom for Team Liquid. With some doom gank on Midone’s Invoker FATA was able to easily farm up and take the towers by using the ultimate. On the other hand Matumbaman was leading the net worth chart with 10k above Mushi’s Sven with a KDA of 8. With such heavy push line up on Team Liquid and damage amplification from Slardar, the game ended at 51 minutes which was a significant hold from the side of South East Asians.

GAME 2 Analysis   Winner : Team Liquid

As Fnatic tools did not work out in their way in game 1. Mushi came out with Medusa mid and a Phantom Lancer for Midone at the safe lane. The burst damage from Slardar and Naix Infest bomb allowed Team Liquid to constantly gank the PL. Addition of riki to the roster opened the doors for Team Liquid to keep the enemy in the Smoke screen and avoid the Stone Gaze from Medusa or a Dopple Ganger from Phantom Lancer. With that Team Liquid takes down the home team at the Manila Major and knock them out of the tournament.

Fnatic will finish top 6 and take home the prize money of $202,000

Game 1 Dotabuff

Game 2 Dotabuff

Stay Tuned for More updates on the further matches.

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