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CS:GO knife scammer found and convicted by Denmark court of Law

An alleged CS:GO scammer was reportedly sentenced to a 30-day trial after having being deceived two fellow CS:GO players of costly and valuable items. The expensive skins were for about $700. Skins where Nicolai “Nille” Pedersen was one of the two people who were exposed to fraud. Nille decided to report it, and it gave surprising paw when the police show interest in the case. We have chosen to hear the whole scenario from Nille’s point of view, where he tells the story from start to finish.

Nicolai “Nille” was one of the people, who got scammed. He got scammed for 1.510 Danish Kroner (approx. $230). When he didn’t receive payment for his knife (which was supposed to be sent to his bank account following the weekend) and he got blocked/deleted from all contact options by the scammer, he reported it to the police.

After a few days, he was contacted by police due to another person reporting the same scammer to the police also. The police showed interest in the case and prosecution ensued.

After a few months, “Nille” was called in to stand witness in court, where he meet his scammer and the other person, who also got scammed. The scammer made no attempt to defend himself.

Conviction and judgment for the scammer:

  • 30 days of unconditional jail
  • 40 days of community service
  • Compensation of stolen skins from the 2 victims. Total: 5000 Danish Kroner.

In the end: “Nille” has still not received his 1.510 Danish Kroner as of today despite the conviction. Hopefully, they will come soon.


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