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Astralis beats CLG to win the ELEAGUE Group C

The ELEAGUE Season 1 Group C has finally come to an end with a nail biting finals against Astralis and Counter Logic Gaming. Astralis who defeated NRG in the semi finals and CLG who secured a 2-1 win over SK.

The first map in the Group C finals was Mirage and things started pretty well for Astralis as they won the first pistol round of the game with the help of ‘Dupreeh’ and ‘Device’.Astralis had totally taken control of the map and was dominating CLG,but ‘jdm64’ took a crucial quad kill and CLG somehow managed to close the half with a scoreline of 11-4 in Astralis’s favor. In the second pistol round a strong B hold by CLG helped them to win the round and comeback in the game.But ‘Device’ and ‘Kjarbye’ were just not giving up and winning on the anti-Eco made them even more confident and they closed down the map 16-7.

The second map of the game was Dust2 and this time ‘Pita’s quad kill in the first pistol round helped CLG win the round.With the help of ‘Device’ Astralis somehow managed to win the fourth round but ‘jdm64′ pulled a breathtaking 1v4 clutch putting CLG up 4-1.’Kjarbye’ helped Astralis pick some important rounds and closed the first half with a scoreline of 9-6 in the favor of CLG. In the second pistol round CLG’s quick retake earned them a win.But then with Astralis’s great T Side executions they advanced to a scoreline of 15-9 but then ‘hazed’ leaded his team closer to the scoreline of 15-15 and the map went into overtime.With the help of ‘jmd64′ and “pita’ CLG sealed the map winning with a scoreline of 19-16 and surprising everyone.


The final map of the game was Overpass and the first pistol round saw some amazing kills by ‘pita’ that helped CLG securing the round. Slowly CLG continued to get picks and took a lead of 7-2.Yet again ‘Kjaerbye’ and ‘Device’ helped Astralis get some necessary rounds and narrowed the first half scoreline 8-7 in the favor of CLG. In the second pistol round a strong B-site execute by Astralis made them win the round and some sick picks by ‘karrigan’ and ‘dupreeh’ made Astralis leading the scoreline by 13-8. Astralis finally closed the map with a scoreline of 16-11 and winning the Group C of the ELEAGUE Season 1. Astralis won over CLG in a toughbattling score line of 2-1 in a best-of-three.

The Group C of the ELEAGUE Season 1 saw some amazing plays by the teams and Astralis emerging out as a winner in the finals. The Group D of the ELEAGUE Season 1 will be starting off in the next week and will feature front-runners in the likes of Fnatic, FaZe, Dignitas and TSM. We will keep you updated for the rest of the matches, stay tuned.

Kanishka Thakur
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