The Danish side breezed through the $250,000 event without dropping a single map, defeating FaZe, NiP, Liquid, MIBR, and ENCE in the process. Astralis had an unbeaten 5-0 in the round robin group stage matches, which matched them against Team Liquid in the grand finals of the two-day event.

Astralis were matched up against Liquid in the finals of Blast Pro Sao Paulo. The best of three was played on Dust2, Inferno and Overpass.

The vetoes for the grand final were as follows:

  • Liquid removed Nuke
  • Astralis removed Cache
  • Liquid picked Dust2
  • Astralis picked Inferno
  • Liquid removed Train
  • Astralis removed Mirage
  • Overpass was left over

Grand finals

Astralis vs. Team Liquid

  • Team Liquid won Dust2 16-13
  • Astralis won Inferno 16-8
  • Astralis won Overpass 16-2

The final picked off on Dust 2, a map picked by Liquid. Liquid kicked off the T-side in style with picking up the pistol round and the following anti-eco. Liquid also secured the first buy round in their favor. However, the Danes weren’t going to give up, Astralis then went on a streak to pick up the next 5 rounds. The rest of the half was very neck to neck and ended with a scoreline of 8-7 in the favor of Liquid.

In the second half, Astralis quickly picked up the pistol and the following two rounds Liquid answered back with their own two rounds in return. However, Astralis steered ahead to put thirteen on their tally. Liquid put their legs on the accelerator and secured the first map in their favour with a 16-13 scoreline after pulling back six rounds in a row.

Image Credit: HLTV

Inferno, which was picked by Astralis, saw Liquid began the game on the CT-Side Astralis picked up the pistol round in convincing fashion. The second round force buy gamble from Liquid failed, propelling Astralis to another victory. Astralis showed no signs of slowing down and pushed themselves to a scoreline of 10-0, dominating the CT’s. Finally, Liquid were able to put one round one board following a quick deagle triple kill by NAF. Using the same momentum, Liquid put another two rounds on board. The first half ended with a scoreline fo 11-4, in the favor of the Danes.

Image Credit: HLTV

In the second half, Liquid picked up the pistol round using the same execution used by Astralis in the first pistol round of this map. The second round force buy gamble from Astralis failed, allowing Liquid another round. Slowly and steadily, Liquid picked out 8 rounds on the board, while Astralis moved to 13. In Inferno,Liquid were only able to manage 8 rounds, before Astralis secured the second map in their favor with a scoreline of 16-8.

Image Credit: HLTV

The last map, was the decider, Overpass. Liquid kicked off the map on the CT-side. Astralis once again kicked off the game in style by picking up a victory on the pistol round and the following force buy from Liquid. The Astralis domination was back and the Danes did not let Liquid put a single round on board. The Astralis train came to a stop thanks to a lockdown B-site hold from Twistzz and Stewie2k. However, this was not enough to stop Astralis. Their executes proved too strong for Liquid who were only able to get another round on board. The half ended with a 13-2 scoreline.

In the second half, Astralis were able to pick up the pistol round and foiled the force buy plan from Liquid, putting them on match and championship point. Astralis did not have to break a sweat on the final round and won the round with three players surviving.