After a draw with Liquid, ENCE failed to make it to the grand final of Blast Pro Sao Paulo, ENCE picked MIBR in the Blast Pro Stand-off. The rules of the stand-off are quite simple. A series of 1v1 aim duels are played on an aim map. The player to first reach 7 points is crowned victorious. The kills taken by the player per duel are added to the team tally. After 5 duels, the team with the higher kills is declared the winner and takes home 20,000$.

In the stand-off, ENCE showed a really dominant stand off right from the start. Aerial let felps secure only 5 kills on the opening M4 round. The same scoreline was repeated for the Deagle round between Aleksib and TACO.

In the third round, xseven demolished coldzera in the AK-47 round. The Brazilian maestro was restricted only to two rounds in the round.

The last two rounds ended with 7-6 score line, with ENCE emerging victorious on both rounds, following really close encounters between sergej and fer on CZ75 and FalleN and Allu on the big green gun.

With those , ENCE emerged victorious on all five rounds with a of 35:24. They took home the third place in the tournament and MIBR in the stand-off, not letting them take a single round.

Photo: BLASTProSeries