Photo Via HLTV

Professional CSGO players are finding it difficult to cope-up with the hectic schedule of tournaments they have picked up. The latest teams to experience this are the grand finalists of ECS Season 8, Team Liquid and Astralis. As soon as the finals concluded both teams weren’t given the opportunity to rest, they found themselves on the way to Odense for the ESL Pro League Season 10 finals.

According to Liquid’s General Manager, his side are scheduled to arrive just an hour before their first game commences. Astralis on the other hand are familiar with such fate, after the ESL One New York Finals they set off along with Evil Geniuses on their way to DreamHack Masters Malmo.

Already a lot of Pro Players went vocal about this matter, Lukas ‘Gla1ve’ Rossander in an interview with HLTV said that his side is likely to feel jetlagged, while John “EliGE” Jablonowski publicly shared his griefs about the tight schedule of ESL Pro League. “The CS schedule is completely terrible and it seems there’s no fix in sight” said EliGE.

Player at top level are looking forward to skip events that are in quick succession, which might potentially harm the top events due to absence of top organizations. It is now up to the organizers to decided the schedule for the next year, keeping the work load of the players in mind.