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Are Valorant servers down? How to check

Valorant is arguably the most popular multiplayer FPS with an esport scene second to none. The enormous amount of players generate a lot of traffic thus putting an extreme workload on the servers.

It is safe to say that the same server encounters outages for several reasons and may require some time off to get back to its optimal working. However, most of the maintenance sessions are pre-notified by Riot. It is necessary to keep a tab on it given so that players do not mistake a server outage for a clint-sided internet issue.

Server maintenance is common to all multiplayer games and for a title as big as Valorant, it is not surprising that its server requires maintenance at a frequency higher than competing games in the space.

How To Check For Server Outages?

  1. Head over to status.riotgames.com
  2. Select your region under Valorant.
  3. The server situation will be shown.

Riot is always very public about the server situation and they openly declare what is going on. So make sure to check the current situation on their website before you check in on your internet service provider.

However, if everything checks out then it is highly likely that the problem is isolated to your version of the game, in which case make sure it is up to date and raise a ticket with Riot to get proper technical guidance from the developers.

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