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How To Inspect a Weapon in Overwatch 2 Menu

Overwatch 2’s tutorials, wave of hero and game mode unlocked waves, are all well-structured. However, it is all for fair play and less toxic. However, it does not stop players looking for the details they need. This is especially true for Overwatch veterans.

How To Inspect a Weapon in Overwatch 2 Menu

Overwatch 2 will be very similar to Overwatch 1. All add-ons will be visible, including skins and emblems.

From the main menu:

  • Select ‘Heroes’
  • Then select ‘Weapons’

A quick reminder: Players will be able view both the gold and standard versions of the weapons they have selected. Players should ensure they have the correct weapon skin chosen first, as this will be the version they will see.

Inspection of the Hero Weapon

This feature was first teased at the Xbox/Bethesda showcase in June 2023. This video shows the heroes inspecting their weapons and looking at them in-game. However, this emote or feature has yet to be officially revealed by Blizzard.

This is why it wasn’t available as an emote at launch. However, this could be an exclusive battle pass or that can be purchased as an emote. We will find out over time.

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