Apex Legends Catalyst Abilities Revealed in New Trailer

apex legends catalyst

Respawn Entertainment has released a new character trailer for the upcoming Legend ‘Catalyst’ in Apex Legends, and fans of the battle royale finally have a chance to take a look at this character’s abilities.

Catalyst is all set to hit the live servers of Apex Legends alongside the heavily anticipated Season 15 update which is scheduled to release on November 1st.

Fans can check out the full-release trailer for Catalyst here.

In this article, we’re gonna take a look at the abilities of the new Legend Catalyst, and what she will bring to the title.

Apex Legends Catalyst Abilities Explained

Here are all the abilities of Catalyst in Apex Legends:

Passive: Barricade — Catalyst can reinforce and strengthen doors, making them locked to the enemy teams and tougher to break down. Once a door has been broken, the spot can be reinforced again. Catalyst can only have two doors reinforced at a time. 

Tactical: Piercing Spikes — Catalyst throws out a patch of ferrofluid on the terrain which turns to spikes when enemies pass through it, slowing and damaging them over time. Catalyst is immune to enemy spikes.

Ultimate: Dark Veil — Catalyst raises up a permeable wall of ferrofluid in front of her enemies. Enemies that walk through the wall are temporarily slowed and blinded.