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Orangutan to acquire Enigma Gaming Valorant: Report

According to sources close to TalkEsport and as reported by Selugi on Twitter, Orangutan may acquire the Valorant roster of Enigma Gaming featuring Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose and men.

Jm “Tesseract” Ignacio, another key player, will apparently not participate in the sale because he is still under contract. Enigma Gaming will be without a Valorant roster if the proposal passes, forcing the organization to reorganize around Tesseract.

Since the beginning of the last couple of years, Enigma Gaming has established itself as one of the most prominent names in the Indian Valorant esports scene. The roster has been successful in a number of third-party events and even competed in one of the APAC Challengers stages of the VCT 2022.

Antidote’s team can give their Indian rivals a run for their money, despite shaky international performances. Under Antidote’s guidance, the players are renowned to be exceptionally patient even when confronted with the most difficult of circumstances, and their tactical executions are known to be very well-balanced.

In addition to having flawless synchronization with one another, they have a tremendous amount of firepower. Top organizations such as Orangutan will definitely be excited about the prospect of purchasing a squad with a roster similar to that of Enigma’s current lineup.

Beginning in late September, Orangutan began the process of gradually removing four of its players from the team. These players included Aduka, Ghost, Vibhor, and Ember. As of right present, the only player still considered to be in active status is Mustafa “ShooterR” Kamal.

The Indian organization is in the process of reassembling its squad in preparation for upcoming Valorant competitions in the nation.

It’s interesting to note that Tesseract was a player for Orangutan up until September when he joined Enigma Gaming. Currently, under EG’s full-fledged contract, he’s supposedly excluded from the deal.

On October 27, Antidote expressed his thoughts by posting on Twitter, saying that he is “Really confused.”  Fans were quick to put things together, despite the fact that Antidote did not explicitly state any context for his message.

It would appear that the group is making efforts at the moment to ensure that a positive outcome would be the result.

Even though Global Esports is the only Indian organization to be chosen for the VCT 2023 partnership program, the best Indian esports teams are looking forward to the challenge of competing in the regional Challenger splits in 2019 with the hopes of qualifying for the renowned Ascension tournament.

The current core of Enigma Gaming is shaping up to be an extremely competitive squad, one that should be watched closely at future national events and beyond.

Stay tuned with us at TalkEsport for more updates on Valorant scene in South Asia and the rest of the world. 

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