Apex Legends Bug makes players Spawn With Wrong Abilities

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Apex Legends Season 14 is here but with a bug that was never seen before, players have bee spawning into the game with wrong abilities, more like abilities of other Legends, that is causing massive problem with ranked games.

In the clip, the player is using Bloodhound’s Tactical ability Eye of the All-Father that reveals enemies, traps, and clues through the walls. Bloodhound’s passive – Tracker can also be seen in use.

Apex Legends Bug

The HUD in the clip makes it obvious that the player is playing with Bangalore but somehow the abilities were switched.

Switching of abilities is taking place across the new version of the client and isn’t isolated to one region or player. Anyone on the latest client might come across this issue.

With the amount of attention this bug is getting, Respawn might soon drop an update that remedies it. Even though this was error, can’t say that the players did not have their fun.

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