‘A Day Off Twitch’: Why Are Fans Boycotting Twitch?

Twitch stats have taken a massive hit today as several popular streamers are partaking in ‘A Day Off Twitch’ movement and choosing to stay off the streaming platform for a day. 

For the unaware, ‘ADayOffTwitch’ is a boycott of Twitch for a day organized by renowned streamers in protest against the recent rise of hate speech and harassment on the platform and Twitch’s inability to tackle the problem accordingly. 

‘A Day Off Twitch’ boycott has been organized by popular streamers like RekitRaven, ShineyPen, and Lucia Everblack in response to the ‘hate raids’ that have been causing problems in the streaming community. These hate raids are organized by toxic viewers who use the ‘raid’ feature on Twitch to spread hate speech and harassment towards certain streamers on the platform. 

The boycott has been organized in protest against these hate raids and to force Twitch to implement changes to tackle this issue. 

So far, ‘A Day Off Twitch’ has been a successful boycott to say the least. According to a recent Tweet from Zach Bussey, Twitch had apparently taken a hit of 5,000 online streamers and 500,000 viewers at the time of writing. 

His Tweet reads, “According to charts from TwitchTracker, there are *currently* about 5000 fewer streamers live right now than last week and ~500,000 fewer viewers. (That’s a significant drop.)”

The boycott is expected to last for a day and participating streamers will likely return to streaming tomorrow. However, whether or not Twitch can regain its prior numbers post-boycott still remains to be seen.