Twitch Streamer Cribazz banned for harassing LGBTQIA+ streamers

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Freshly minted Twitch partner Cribazz has been banned from the platform following reports of sexual harassment against female and LGBTQIA+ streamers.

Having earned his status as a Twitch partnered streamer, it didn’t take long for him to face his first ban. Several women and LGBTQIA+ streamers came forward with allegations of sexual harassment against him and it was only a matter of time before Twitch got involved. Within 48 hours of being a Twitch partner, Cribazz had his account suspended from the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

Among several claims, DEERE took her accusations to Twitter where she elaborated Cribazz’s unsocial behavior with proof. She showcased how Cribazz would go over to other people’s channels only to harass them by filling their chats with racist, sexist and homophobic slurs.

“Take a look at the chat. That’s the community that’s being encouraged here.” “It’s disappointing that we are constantly attacked and targeted.” said DEERE.

DEERE wasn’t the only one to bring forward accusations against him, countless other women and LGBTQ+ members have had similar experience with him. The community as whole is calling for a permanent ban which may well be in the cards.

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