14 year old commits suicide for not being allowed to play PUBG Mobile

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Merely 4 days ago we reported a horrific case which took place involving the multiplayer battle Royale game, Pubg Mobile and yet another incident has come to light. A 14 year old resident of Gajuwaka area in Andhra Pradesh’s Vishakhapatnam has reportedly died while receiving treatment for a suicide attempt for the sheer reason of not being allowed to play this game.

The incident took place a month ago but the matter came to light after the boy’s sad demise which occurred on Tuesday. According to police reports, the boy was addicted to Pubg Mobile and was neglecting studies despite pursuing SSC from a private school which led to a heated argument between him and his mother, Triveni. On august 20th, his mother took away his mobile phone depriving him of the ability to play the game, which resulted in the boy attempting suicide by ingesting water mixed with insecticides. He was initially admitted to a hospital in Visakhapatnam but due to his deteriorating state, he was immediately shifted to a private hospital in Sheelanagar. After 14 days of rigorous treatment and worsening conditions, he was shifted to King George Hospital where he died on Tuesday.

The big question which arises every time such a case comes to light is that who is to be blamed? The developers of this addictive multiplayer game, which is easily accessible by anyone within the reach of a mobile phone OR the youth of today who have forgotten all boundaries of self control and discipline and value this game above life.

We at Talkesport condemn such acts and feel deeply saddened by this news and offer sincere condolences.

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