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25 Year old Beheads father so he could “Play PUBG Mobile in Peace”

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, the infamous online multiplayer game has been seen several times in disturbing news headlines and here it is again. In yet another incident, a 25 year old man has reportedly killed his father by chopping off his head and legs for the sole purpose of this game.

Raghuveer Kumbar, a resident of Belagavi district, Karnataka has had a few quarrels with his father over this issue of in-numerous hours being put into Pubg. His father, aged 65 was a retired policeman and all he wanted was the well being of his own son but it lead to more turmoil being created between the two.

source: newindianexpress.com

In the midst of another heated argument on a Sunday night, Raghuveer killed his father and cut off his head and legs so that he could play in ‘peace’. The arrest was made in no time and he is being questioned in police custody. This horrifying act deserves inexpressible condemnation as taking life over a game (or any other reason) is unjustifiable in any existing dimension.

Another tragic incident had been reported where a 15 year old allegedly killed his brother after he scolded him to not play the game for long hours. The incident took place in Bhiwandi in Maharashtra’s thane district and the victim, Mohammad Shaikh was merely 19 years old. The reason was as small as asking his brother not to play this game, as reported by PTI.

Another 19 year old boy in Hyderabad suffered a brain stroke after reportedly playing Pubg for hours without stopping. Such horrifying incidents remind us of the potential hazards that come along with such highly addictive games. The number of incidents surrounding this game are on the rise despite actions being taken by the game’s developers as well as the Government of India. If a player plays Pubg for over 6 hours at a stretch, a restriction message pops up reminding the players of the health hazards and stopping them from playing any further. The solution of the problem is the ability of the players to control themselves rather than relying on external forces to do so. Self discipline is essential when you’re playing just as it is in other spheres of life.

We call Gaming an art, a passion and cultural phenomena which has brought millions together but such acts do bring shame upon the community and deserve to be condemned at the highest levels.


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