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AVANGAR to keep their roster intact

After the dream run by the Kazakhstani side in the Berlin Major after beating teams like Liquid, Vitality and Renegades, they have announced that there will be no changes in the current roster.

In a twitter post, AVANGAR issued that they will not be entertaining any types of offers for their players.

With Natus Vincere looking for possible replacements of Zeus after his retirement, many speculated that AVANGAR could become a feeder team for the Russian side, with the likes of JAME, qikert and buster- the stars of the AVANGAR line-up.

Prior to the Berlin Major Grand Final qikert also highlighted in an interview that he was happy that he didn’t join NAVI in the start of the year when they were facing problems with Edward and loved the fact that he would be playing major grand finals with his friends.

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