“Wild Rift Horizon Cup is not Wild Rift Worlds,” says Riot Esports Head

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Riot Games is establishing a sustainable esports ecosystem for their mobile title League of Legends: Wild Rift. Currently, multiple regional tournaments are hosted around the globe and top teams from each league will ultimately clash in their first ever international tournament called Wild Rift Horizon Cup.

Leo Faria, Wild Rift Esports Head at Riot Games, recently tweeted about this upcoming event and clarified that Horizon Cup will not be equal to Wild Rift WORLDS. He stated that Wild Rift Horizon Cup will be “a kick off tournament to launch the sports to the world.”

Wild Rift Horizon Cup will be the pinnacle of LOL: Wild Rift esports where top ten teams from around the world will gather in Singapore to compete to become first ever world champions.

This tournament is right around the corner and League of Legends fanbase drew parallels between Horizon Cup and LOL Worlds. League of Legends World Championship is the most celebrated and auspicious esports event for the title and it has made a huge impact on esports industry over the last ten years.

Wild Rift fans expected a similar kind of international esports event from Riot Games and when Horizon Cup was announced, it was termed as Wild Rift Worlds by many. As per Leo Faria, this event will just be a start of something bigger in terms of global competition.

He also stated that upcoming Wild Rift international events will not be called as Worlds and termed as something entirely different. Wild Rift Horizon Cup will begin from 13th November and fans will witness an ultimate level of competition taking place in a LAN environment.


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