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Valorant Mobile Beta Website: Is it Real or Fake?

The official confirmation of Valorant coming to the mobile platform sparked flares of joy within the mobile gaming community and fans are eagerly waiting for new updates regarding Valorant Mobile. Recently, a website claiming to be the official registration site for Valorant Mobile Beta went live and we take a look at it to see if it is legitimate or not.

Valorant was a new addition by Riot Games to enter into the genre of FPS games with a small twist. The game initially looked like a blend of Overwatch and CSGO but quickly stood out to give a completely different experience. Gamers welcomed Valorant with open arms and it became a huge hit within a very small time. The esports scene allied with this title grew as well and the developers are trying to build a sustainable ecosystem to support Valorant Esports in the long run.

Riot Games already achieved a large success by venturing into the mobile gaming market. They entered a new platform with their flagship title League of Legends and created a portable version of this game, called League of Legends: Wild Rift. The new mobile MOBA title is a big hit and Riot seems to be capitalizing on this opportunity by taking yet another game to the mobile platform.

Valorant Mobile was rumored to be announced from a long time and after a report confirmed the existence of its development, the fans are hyped to see how the game will turn out. It is quite difficult to introduce the abilities as float buttons on the screen and hence, Riot will have to come up with an innovative way to make this game quite easy to play but still have all the mechanisms from its PC counterpart.

Valorant Mobile Beta Website

This announcement quickly gave way to various sources claiming to be the official websites or social media handles of this upcoming title. A website called Valorant Mobile Beta recently went live on the internet, claiming that players can download the closed beta on Android as well as iOS devices. They need to register in order to play the game but apparently, players from almost any region can enroll in this “closed beta”.

The design of this website is quite convincing to make it look as if it is legitimate and it certainly offers applications that could be downloaded. When we tested the Android version of this game, the loading screen was quite quirky with an animation of Riot Games. The game then went on to the loading screen where the exact replica of the loading screen from the PC version could be seen.

The game then asks users to register their device but the registration process was unconvincing as players are required to download multiple apps in order to “complete the human verification process” and we did not confirm if the game actually works or not.

Riot Games has not made any official announcement regarding the launch of this new website. The announcement of Valorant Mobile being under development is awaited for now and hence, we could not verify the authenticity of this website. Readers can try to register or play at their own risk but we urge you to wait for an official confirmation before making any move.

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