Top 5 BGMI Players in 2022

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Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the most popular games ever launched for all the mobile gaming enthusiast. We have curated the list of Top 5 BGMI Players in 2022.

The BGMI esports has witnessed the rise of new players that have made their way to the top spots in the list of best BGMI players in the region.

Top 5 BGMI Players in India


Ashutosh “Punkk” Singh is an Indian player who currently plays for Team XO. Previously, he was a part of Team Mayhem but later joined Team XO in August 2021. Punkk has been a great addition to the team which has helped the team to win various titles. He was awarded the tournament MVP in Upthrust Esports India Rising 2022.


Neyo is the new addition to the list of top BGMI players in India. Neyo has been a new face for many BGMI fans. He is currently playing for Team Insane Esports which finished in 7th place in Skyesports Pro League 2022. He was also awarded the tournament MVP.


This player needs no introduction, Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral is an Indian player who currently plays for GodLike Esports. He is one of India’s best players who has represented the country on the global stage. He is known for his long-range sprays and his close combat also known as jiggling.


Neyoo is another name in the list that goes shoulder to shoulder with Johnathan in the list of top BGMI players. He has been part of GodLike Esports active roster for a very long and is well known for his insane skills in the tournaments. He was the Team MVP in the first-ever official BGMI event named Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021.


Randeep “Attanki” Singh Bhullar is an Indian player who currently plays for Orange Rock. He is one of the veteran players in the BGMI esports ecosystem that entered competitive gaming. He plays the role of assaulter and is well known for his game sense and skills.

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