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PUBG Mobile India: Pre-Register Link removed from TapTap

PUBG Mobile India pre-register tab on TapTap app store now displays a message 'unavailable'.

The PUBG Mobile India section from TapTap Store has been taken down. The game is no longer available for pre-registration in this third-party application store and can potentially come back when the game is fully launched in India.

PUBG Mobile India is the localized version of famous the battle-royale game which is yet to be launched for the region.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India due to privacy concerns and after a long wait, the developers have announced that a special version tailored for the Indian audience will be launched very soon.

This announcement evoked a sense of relief for the Indian fanbase and soon, the question and speculation about its launch date started making headlines. Amidst all of this, TapTap; a third-party application store for android users; listed PUBG Mobile India as one of the apps available on their store.

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After visiting the tab, it was observed that the game was not available and only a pre-register section was added. This was probably done to give access to its users as soon as the game was officially launched but it was recently taken down. The pre-register button now highlights the message ‘unavailable’. The reason for this tab shutting down is not specified but presumably, the listing might have been confusing for most of the users and hence was taken down.

PUBG Mobile India is not officially released to download and while there have been rows of speculation about its launch, it is better to wait for the official announcement made by PUBG Corporation.

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