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“PUBG Mobile India will arrive by 20th November” – Kronten Gaming

PUBG Mobile India release date is the current hot topic in India and famous PUBG Mobile content creator Kronten Gaming has shed some light on this matter. Kronten has claimed that PUBG Mobile can come back in India by 20th November if the entire trailer gets released anytime soon.

PUBG Mobile is set to return in India after two months since it was banned and the large player base of India is awaiting its relaunch in the country. PUBG Corporation announced the game’s comeback some days ago and the official PUBG Mobile handles for the Indian region confirmed the news.

This announcement kindled the flames of hope in the hearts of PUBG Mobile fans in India and the players are eagerly awaiting its return. Initially, the game was hinted to be released by 14th November but somehow it was delayed. Reports also suggested that PUBG Mobile return in India may not be as smooth as it seems but the proceedings of the game’s return are going very well.

The official PUBG Mobile website is back and the game also released some teasers to hype up the game’s return. One of the faces that have been included in the teaser is Kronten. He is a famous PUBG Mobile streamer and content creator and recently he made some statements regarding the release date of PUBG Mobile in India.

PUBG Mobile India release date

On one of his regular streams, Kronten discussed the possibility of PUBG Mobile coming back to India by 20th November. He stated that the PUBG Mobile trailer may be released by tomorrow and considering the time duration required to maintain the hype, the game can be released between the time frame of 18th to 20th November.

The teaser was rolled out today, and by tomorrow, the trailer will come out as well. In that trailer, it will be clearly mentioned as to when PUBG Mobile India will finally release. The game might release on the Google Play Store and App Store by 20th November. If the trailer releases tomorrow, it would be up for a few days to create hype. Hence, it is likely that the game will be out before 20th November.

This statement was made yesterday and considering the fact that the trailer is not out as of yet, the dates might get shifted by a couple of days.

PUBG Mobile teasers are out and if this timeline is followed then PUBG Mobile will come back within three to four days after its return trailer is released. For now, this statement says that PUBG Mobile will come back to India by 20th November, according to Kronten.

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