Guide to Valorant Spray Patterns and Recoil Control

Here are the recoil patterns for all the weapons in Valorant.

valorant spray patterns

With the increasing popularity of Riot’s competitive shooter Valorant in the world of esports, more and more players are looking to take their gameplay to the next level by learning the recoil control and spray patterns of different weapons.

There are a total of eight weapons in Valorant that are fully automatic, which means you have to learn their recoil patterns properly to utilize them effectively. While learning the spray pattern of Vandal or Phantom is the most important, or perhaps non-optional, you should also consider learning the patterns of SMGs and pistols to improve your chances for a pistol-round clutch or a force-buy win.

Here are the spray patterns of all the fully automatic weapons in Valorant:


The Frenzy is similar to the CZ-75 pistol in CSGO. It has a small magazine of 13 bullets but can take down enemies swiftly. Its spray pattern is easy to learn and it goes up and then right.


The Stinger’s spray goes straight up and right for the first few bullets but then moves sharply to the left. It’s an excellent weapon for short distances and can net you easy and fast kills if you learn its spray pattern properly.


The spray pattern of Spectre is relatively easier to control. You need to drag your mouse straight down to compensate for the recoil and then do some minor left-right adjustments towards the end of your magazine.


The Bulldog can be a great rifle to buy if you’re short on cash. Great in long and mid-ranges, the Bulldog has a recoil pattern that goes up towards the right at the start, then moves left for the next few bullets, and then sharply goes to the right.


The Phantom is one of the most popular rifle choices in the game other than Vandal. To control the spray of Phantom, you need to move your mouse straight down for the first six or seven shots, then move a bit towards the left before swinging it back right again. You need to move your mouse sharply to the left for your final shots.


Vandal’s pattern is harder to control than the Phantom. For the first ten bullets, you need to move your mouse downwards at a rapid pace. After making a slight left, you have to move your mouse sharply to the right.


The vertical recoil on Ares and Odin is more than other weapons, but the horizontal recoil is manageable. You have to alternate left and right mouse movements while maintaining a constant downward movement with your mouse.


To control the Odin, move your mouse downwards at first. Once you’ve fired about 20 bullets, alternate between right and left movements with your mouse.