Jonathan, Kaztro and Snax BGMI Voice packs leaked

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Krafton is making an interesting addition to Battlegrounds Mobile India soon and its first look has been leaked by a YouTuber. A video was recently posted by Priyank1798GC and it leaked the upcoming voice packs of Jonathan, Snax and Kaztro in English and Hindi language.

BGMI is one of the most popular games in India right now and some names have been at the forefront of it. The esports scene allied to this game is thriving right now and the entire community knows players like Jonathan and Snax. As per the leak, the officials have created in-game voice packs with the help of these celebrities.

A voice pack is simply the in-game chat function that players can use to give several commands without using the microphone. These can be things like marking enemies, locations and even giving radio commands like “Get the car” or “Fall Back”.

The voice packs come in a variety of languages in the global version of PUBG Mobile and now, a Hindi voice pack will be seen in BGMI as well. These packs could be customized by players and it looks like there could be a purchase option for different kinds of voice packs.

In the video, two kinds of voice packs are seen. They are Basic and Mythic voice packs and come in the voice of Jonathan, Snax and Kaztro. A total of six options could be added to the game.

This leak is not officially confirmed by any sources yet so it is hard to determine if all of these voice packs are actually going to be added in the game and how their value will be determined.

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