How to get Engineer perk in COD Mobile

Use these tips to unlock the 'Engineer Perk' in COD Mobile by levelling up very quickly.

Call of Duty: Mobile has incorporated several aspects of famous COD titles and bundled them up in a single portable game. As a result, COD Mobile has turned out to be a delicacy for COD enthusiasts who want to enjoy the game on the go. This game has many unique aspects and ability perks is one of them. One of the advanced perks in COD Mobile is named as ‘Engineer perk’ and it has many good uses.

The perks in COD Mobile helps the users with various things. Each perk has its unique ability which can change games in an instant. Engineer is one such perk which may be of big help for the users in certain situations. This perk can be unlocked once your account reaches level 33.

The description of this perk is as follows, “Reveals Enemy Equipment and Scorestreaks. Re-rolls friendly Care Package and Booby Traps enemy care packages.” This statement might be quite confusing but has a vital role in some matches.

When one equips the engineer perk, players can use it to reveal the enemy scorestreaks. This is crucial to spot things like enemy UAV and can help you gain an advantage in the strategic mind games. To unlock this perk, it is necessary to level up very fast in the game.

Players need to reach at least level 33 to get their hands on this perk. To level up very fast, here are some tips that might help you to reach your goal a little quicker.

How to get Engineer perk in COD Mobile



Playing the multiplayer mode matches significantly boost your speed of boosting up the levelling process. This is due to the fact that the experience points offered at the end of each match is almost similar to that of a battle-royale match but the time required to complete a BR match is substantially larger.

Also, a bonus tip is to spam the Deathmatch mode because the time duration of each match is almost five minutes and the EXP points offered is the same as that of other four modes. Always play ranked mode and try to be as serious as possible as it actually helps while boosting your level.


Risking it all to get those frags is always a better way to learn the game and level up at the same time. Kill scores help a lot while levelling up because each kill adds up to the kill EXP points and hence more the kills, higher the EXP. Maintaining the killstreaks is also an amazing way that can assist in this process.

It is absolutely necessary to get the kills as it helps players to learn the game in a better way and while rising up the levels, you live up to the fierce competition that comes after reaching higher ranks and levels.


Any game gets better when you have your friends around and the same can be applied in this case. When you play with your teammates, clanmates or anybody from your Friend list, additional experience points are offered at the end of every match. This is the best way to level up as you can rise quickly with friends by your side.

It is also very essential to apply all of these tips at the same time to get instant results. Get into deathmatch with your friends and dominate while covering each other and at the end, grab those sweet extra EXP points.

We hope that these tips will help you to unlock the ‘Engineer’ perk in COD Mobile very easily. Keep playing and reach the mark as it is not very hard to do so.

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