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How to get Gunmaster medal in COD Mobile

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Similar to previous games in the COD series, COD Mobile rewards its players with medals that can be earned after completing various missions. Generally unlocking these medals rewards a small amount of XP, but some special medals also reward unique items like Characters, skins, weapon cards, etc. 

There are currently 86 medals in COD Mobile, out of which 43 can be earned exclusively in Multiplayer mode, and 27 can be earned only in Battle Royale mode. The Gunmaster Medal is also one such Multiplayer exclusive medal. Getting the Gunmaster Medal isn’t hard and the rewards are also worth the effort.

To earn the Gunmaster medal, players need to secure more than eight kills in a single game. Note that all the kills are done in a single game of Battle Royale mode. Also, make sure that you are not playing Warfare mode, as kills in the Warfare mode won’t be counted towards the medal. 

Simply follow these steps to get the Gunmaster medal in COD Mobile:

  1. Gather a squad as it is easier to survive and increases the chances to obtain more than 8 kills in a single game.
  1. Select any of the available BR maps and start the game. Do note that you are not playing in the Warfare mode. 
  1. Kill at least nine enemies in a single game. Note that you need to finish the game properly, although it doesn’t matter whether it’s a win or loss. 

The fastest method to earn the medal is to play the Alcatraz map with any SMG, as it is a small-sized map with many close-combat engagements and players can also respawn multiple times.

Earning the Gunmetal Medal will immediately reward players with 15 Weapon XP Cards and 6000 Battle Pass XP. Gunmetal Medal is also required to unlock the new character called Javier Salazar.

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