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How to get diamonds for free in MLBB

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a popular mobile MOBA title and has been in the market for a very long time.

The developers actively work on the champions and their skin range and as a result, the pool of these in-game things has been huge in this game.

To purchase many of these, you require diamonds and today we will look at how to get them for free in MLBB.

Diamonds is the in-game currency in MLBB which can be used to make various purchases in the game. It can be used to unlock all the skins, champions, special items and more similar things.

One has to purchase the diamonds with real money but there are some ways through which you can get them for free.

Redeem Codes

Similar to any other game, Mobile Legends also provides its players with several redeem codes on a regular basis. These codes can then be redeemed on their official website but getting these codes is a tedious task. One has to keep an eye on the game and hope to catch a giveaway which may give diamonds for free. This method could be adopted for quickly earning some diamonds but in the long run, it may remain ineffective.

GPT Apps

This is the second method through which players can earn diamonds. It is pretty slow as compared to the first one but assured rewards await for those who do it patiently. What this method basically includes is that, players will have to complete certain tasks and surveys through which they are rewarded for their information output. Here are few apps via which you can try this method:

Among these apps, Google opinion rewards can be trusted the most and players will have to fill up surveys as they come, and once they have enough money earned from it, they can simply buy diamonds via Google Play Store.

Other apps on this list also promise to give away money by doing some tasks so pick only those which are relatively simple and do not affect your privacy or harm you in any way. The rest of these apps are not tested by TalkEsport and readers are advised to check the policies of the third-party apps before opting for any survey or tasks that may expose their private data.

Playing in-game tournaments

This is a fun way to earn diamonds but is highly competitive as MLBB has a big esports ecosystem in SEA region. One might need to fight hard for few diamonds but the process of actually getting them is quite fun.

Players will need to compete against others with a high skill ceiling and try to beat them in several matches to get to the top and win the in-game tournaments and ultimately, the diamonds.

These are three ways through which one can earn few diamonds in MLBB for free. Remember that diamonds are in-game currency in Mobile Legends so the game does not distribute it for free in most of the cases.

Get ready to put some efforts in order to get them, we wish you good luck.

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