How to earn free Credits in COD Mobile

COD Mobile Season two release date
Photo: Activision

COD Mobile is a big hit in mobile FPS multiplayer games. This game has amassed a big fanbase since the day of its launch and to cater their needs, the developers have always need to put in extra efforts. As the game is smooth; except the occasional nightmare seasons; the COD Mobile team tends to focus on the cosmetic side of the game. This leads to more and more skins getting added to the game and one of the ways to get them for free is through credit store. Players can exchange credits in COD Mobile to get skins and other stuff.

The credit store is a marketplace in COD Mobile where players can exchange their hard earnt Credit points to purchase some in-game items like operator skills, guns and even some exclusive skins. A fair share of exquisite skins are added with each seasonal update but to collect ample amount of credits or CP is always a tedious task.

Credit points are similar to Battle Points from PUBG Mobile which have a very lesser value than the UC from the same game. In COD Mobile, the COD Points have much higher value than credits but it requires a good sum of real money. For players who prefer fair play and do not like to spend extra money on any game, they can use these credits to buy gun skins, score streaks, outfits, operators and much more through a dedicated store section.

Three Ways to earn Credits in COD Mobile

Players can earn Credits through three simple ways for free. These credits are usually available in abundance but spending them carelessly is a bad choice. One can save these points for the future and exchange them when some exclusive skin is added to the credit shop.


Monthly Calendar is basically a daily sign-in type of event. You need to log in daily to COD Mobile to avail the rewards of that certain day and mostly, some days are fixed where Credits are given away as sign-in rewards. If players want to access those reward, make sure to visit your calendar section each month to know which days will offer free credits and log in on that day to earn them easily.

Sometimes, it is hard to keep the track of these days and hence, it is recommended to simply open the game everyday for few minutes and then collect the reward in bulk. This will offer other rewards alongside credit points. While the value of these rewards may change frequently, you can get large amount of freebies through this process.


These events pop up for a limited time every month and sometimes, the rewards section includes Credits as one of the gifts. Players should occasionally keep an eye on the featured events section to check for such events. Each seasonal update changes these seasonal events and while the ultimate rewards are usually the new weapons or utilities, credits can be the intermediate rewards.


The last method to obtain free credits is through the battlepass. It is not necessary that the Battle pass is premium to be able to avail these rewards as they fall under normal rewards section. Whenever you complete a match, some of the EXP points are added to the battlepass section. If you are a regular player then grabbing those free credits is a very simple tasks. Continue to play to gain these rewards. Credits are often earnt after playing normal matches as well so one can simply continue to enjoy the game and earn credits simultaneously.

These are three simple ways through which one can earn credit points very easily. Keep following these methods regularly and you will have more than enough credits each season to spend on the beautiful skins.