Disguised Toast cancel drama

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang has recently come out with his urge to try out drugs like acid and shrooms. This has left fellow streamers and fans worried about the 29-year-old as he is also dealing with his father’s health for which he announced to take a break from streaming.

He came out with his urge to consume drugs during a recent Among Us broadcast where he spoke about the desire to try out drugs, such as acid and shrooms.

Toast is no stranger to cracking humorous jokes, however, his statement to try out drugs did not sound like a joke. Here’s what he said:

“Thinking about trying acid soon, acid the drug. I gotta live life as openly as possible. I am thinking of trying it in small doses to see how it feels, maybe some shrooms.”

Toast’s co-streamers and good friends, Valkyrae and Sykkuno are shocked after hearing Toast mutter this statement. The duo has taken it to Twitter to share an important message regarding the mental health of people around you.

Amidst this, fans have also taken it to Twitter to express their concern towards Toast as his tone wasn’t sounding okay at all.