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Gamers Wreak Havoc For PS5 In Japan, Police Called In At Tokyo’s Yodobashi Camera Store


One of Japan’s prime retailer of Sony’s PlayStation 5 had to cancel the sale and call the police after the crowd went out of control. The Tokyo store did manage to sell a few PS5 beauties before all hell broke loose. So much so that the police had to be called in reports Kotaku (via PushSquare) with a embed video which describes the ugly scenes.

The turmoil was caused after the news broke out of fresh stocks of PlayStation 5 at the retail store. The scenes are so very chaotic which this video too can’t describe.

Apparently, the location is, one of Yodobashi Cameras’ stores in the greater Tokyo-Yokohama area, which is offering PlayStation 5 without stringent need of the specific black credit cards, which was used to curb down sales to resellers. Thus, people rushed to the site to buy the new offering from Sony.

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This, colluded with the fact that Sony has not been able to predict the numbers well for their new console, making lives difficult for retailers and consumers globally with slim stocks.

All this in middle of the novel coronavirus and government regulations. Tokyo has the most cases of COVID-19 in Japan, thus, the government has declared a state of emergency. Hence, it’s profoundly negligence on the part of shoppers to rattle the stores like that.

Japan is considered to be one of the most well-behaved country with highest honor for human behavior, and civility.. and the scenes from Tokyo aren’t well going with what generally is expected of the East Asian country.

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