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Free Fire New Character Shirou: Everything you need to know


Free Fire is going to introduce a new in-game character named Shirou with their next seasonal update. This OB26 patch update will hit the global servers very soon and currently, the beta testing for various new in-game content has started taking place on the advanced servers. In this update, Shirou; a new Free Fire character; will be added to the game.

The characters in Free Fire are basically in-game models with unique characteristics that aid them in matches. There are multiple categories in which these characters could be segregated and while most of them focus on an aggressive approach on the battlefield, some characters could also be used as supports. Shirou will fall under the aggressive category when he is officially released.

Free Fire Shirou Details:

Shirou is a male character in Free Fire. His description says that he is the “fastest delivery boy around” and his skill kit depicts a similar picture. The model of this hero is pretty basic and no flashy objects or skins surrounding this character are released for now. While most of the new characters in Free Fire have an active skill, Shirou will be released in the game with a passive skillset.


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The passive skill of Shirou is titled as ‘Damage Delivered’. This ability marks an opponent when the enemy hits a Shirou user. Once an enemy is marked within a 50-meter radius, the first shot deals 10% additional armor penetration damage. This ability can be enhanced by upgrading the level of this character.

At the maximum level, the range of Shirou’s passive is increased to 100 meters, and the first shot on marked opponent deals 100% armor penetration. This is a huge buff ability and has a short cooldown of 60 seconds at the base level and 10 seconds at max level. The duration of the mark also ranges from 3 seconds at the base to 8 seconds at the maximum level.

How to get Shirou in Free Fire

Currently, Shirou can directly be unlocked from the in-game store in Free Fire. There is a special discount on the advanced server where players can purchase him for only one diamond and get a new skin bundle named ‘Hurricane Delivery’ set for free. This offer is only limited to the beta version and when this character will be officially launched, the method to unlock him could be different.

Free Fire is only testing the new content for now and all of it will release in the new OB26 patch update on the global servers. The new update will be pushed very soon and you can try this new character in Free Fire with its global launch. Shirou could directly be added in Free Fire at a discounted price so keep an eye for new events after the latest update hits Free Fire.

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