Meet Atharv, 15-year-old ESPL Franchise owner with multi-million following

Atharv Rao

While most of us are in our twenties and thirties playing games for entertainment and blowing some steam off, meet Atharv Rao from Sheoganj in Rajasthan. Atharv is an ESPL Franchise owner of team Rajasthan Reapers.

Atharv is a fifteen-year-old Free Fire gamer and streamer who is subscribed by over 3.5 million (35 lakh) people on YouTube. Not just this, add another hundred thousand to his following which can be seen on trendy image-sharing social network Instagram.

ESPL Franchise system for their flagship Free Fire mobile gaming event was unveiled yesterday and we found Atharv among the team owners. Yes! a 15-year-old celebrity who is being followed by millions of people. What are the odds?

Atharv Rao – Aditech

Atharv Rao is the owner of Rajasthan Franchise of ESPL, the team name is Rajasthan Reapers, who will be represented by Team 4 Unknown led by Swastik.

Rajasthan Reapers lineup for ESPL Free Fire event looks like this:

  • Swastik
  • Anand
  • Radhetkr
  • Wizardo
  • Deadsoul

There were other professional teams who were picked up by franchise owners. Teams like TSM FTX, Total Gaming, TSG, Head Hunters, AFF, Badge 99, No Chance among others were present at the ceremony.

The unveiling event saw a massive audience ranging from Free Fire and other gaming interests tune in to see the unique event in play.

Level 3 of ESPL kicks off on August 16, broadcasted live on the India Today Gaming channel.

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