Free Fire CS Cup Challenge 2.0 announced

Free Fire CS Cup Challenge 2.0

As the Mclaren x Freefire event goes ahead on full strength, the developers had taken to Instagram to keep the hype up for the event.

Along with the max throttle backpack, Cyber Neon, and other Mclaren cars introduced, there was one new addition to the game. The event is now officially called the FreeFire Mclaren Royale and also has one of the coolest-looking features in a while.

The feature is nothing other than an MVP animation which a player can see after being the MVP in a match or after getting a Booyah! (Most valuable player).

This involves your character jumping out of a car with swag and landing onto a position that will leave you wanting more.

Speaking of wanting more, as the 4nniversary event is coming to a close, the most awaited CS Cup challenge 2.0 was announced. The event will run in the game from 4th September 2021 till 5th September 2021. This features a lot of vouchers for the players to get during this duration.

The players simply have to participate in Clash squad matches to earn rewards. After completing the missions, players will be auto awarded.

  • Playing 1 match: 1 Gold royale voucher
  • Playing 2 matches: 2 Gold royale vouchers
  • Playing 3 matches: 3 Gold royale vouchers

After completing the missions while in-game, soon the rewards section will open up and they can be availed to go to the Gold Luck Royale wheel which based on luck will award you with cosmetics and weapon skins.

Well in order to redeem the rewards, there are some steps you need to follow:

  • Open the Garena Free Fire app and select the Clash Squad Cup game mode from the options.
  • Play 3 games and then navigate to the Calendar section of the game on the top-right side of the home screen.
  • After this, click on the 4th Anniversary tab on the top and then on the CS Cup on the left side.
  • Redeem them from this new page and the Vouchers will be directly sent to the Vault.

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