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Free Fire x Mclaren: How to get the free legendary rewards?

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Free fire with the new elite bundle has a wide array of in-game goodies along with character skins enhancing the game experience. However, almost all of them require diamonds and this currency is not unlockable using game hours but through purchasing via monetary exchange.

So regular top-up events were introduced by the developers, which ensures that various rewards are provided whenever a diamond purchase is transacted. This has now become a fairly regular practice as well in the past few patches as some of the other top-up events have been announced as soon as the previous one expires, making it lucrative. (sic)

The McLaren collaboration in July turned out to be a huge success which made the free fire team bring it back on popular demand i.e the Racer Top Up event.

Exclusive backpacks, multiple vehicle skins, and even character skins are up for grabs!

How to get free Mclaren rewards?

That’s a question we are here to answer. Just hop onto the game between the 2nd of September to the 8th of September and purchase a Diamond top-up pack and you are set to receive the rewards based on your purchase bundle!

  • The 200 diamond purchase will ensure MCL X FF – Cyber Neon Car
  • The 500 diamond bundle will land you an extremely cool looking Max throttle Backpack
  • Considering that none of the diamonds you buy have to be spent, these rewards are free!

BUT REAL MONEY HAS TO BE SPENT IN ORDER TO PURCHASE THE DIAMOND BUNDLES but look on the brighter side, use those diamonds to get the latest S40 elite pass!

Watch this video to see a guide on how to redeem these rewards today !

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