Free Fire star Crusher Fooxi’s kidnappers caught in Sao Paulo

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Brazilian Pubstar and the extremely popular Free Fire YouTuber “Crusher Fooxi” recently revealed on Twitter that he had been kidnapped and had to pay more than R$100,000 to be released.

The famous FreeFire content creator who has more than 623k followers on twitch and a 4.8M+ Subscriber Base on youtube took to Twitter on the 19th of August to reveal to his fans that he had been kidnapped in Sau Paulo.

He said he was mugged and robbed by the kidnappers who apparently knew all the relevant details and on the basis of their clean crime everything was on his schedule. Eventually when he was able to regain access to his social media handles, and on the police investigation, the probe has ensured the kidnappers are under custody.

The kidnappers asked him to transfer R$35000 at first to their bank accounts, using the PIX payment system, a way created by the Central Bank Of Brazil to enable instant payments across the nation.

Other than this the cell phones, car stereos, and other valuables stolen have a combined value of more than R$70000 and on the investigation, the mishap occurred on the 18th of August.

The first kidnapper was nabbed on the 23rd of August and another was under question for providing shelter to the kidnappers apart from also giving them details about FOOXI as well. The event took a toll on the players mental health which he commented on saying :

Worst day of my life yesterday, I’ll be off for a few days and I’ll tell you what happened. I was kidnapped yesterday along with my girlfriend and her mother. We get the money back, but what about the psychological (loss) and the safety of walking around?

Regardless he is back home safely and all the stolen valuables have been recovered, however, he has been asked to be safe as the third person involved in the incident is still at loose but has been identified.

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