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Bermuda Remastered map is added back in Free Fire

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Free Fire is reintroducing their most frequent addition to the map pool, the Remastered Bermuda map. This is an in-game map in the battle-royale mode which was added recently after hyping it up for a long time but unfortunately, it was added for a small time. This time, the map makes a comeback yet again for a short time.

Remastered Bermuda was added to the game on 1st January 2021 and it was meant to replace the older version of this map, the famous Bermuda map but due to some reasons, both maps were added simultaneously. This newer version of the map features some territorial changes alongside a slightly altered terrain but the core of this map and famous locations stay the same.

Recently, Garena announced that the Remastered Bermuda map will be added back to the game for next week. It will be only available in two modes and cannot be played in ranked or normal BR matches for now.

The Remastered Bermuda is a better version of Bermuda but due to some stability issues, the map has not been permanently added to the game. The developers are working to bring out the most stabilized version of this map and hence, we could see it permanently in Free Fire within the next few months.

For now, Free Fire Remastered Bermuda has added to Deathmatch and Clash Squad mode and it will be available till 7th March so make sure to grab this opportunity and play it to the fullest before it is removed.

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