Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 Battlepass: All you need to know

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The highly anticipated second episode of Valorant’s Act 2 is here with a brand new agent alongside a battle pass, with a plethora of weapon cosmetics, player cards and etc.

Battlepass in Valorant is a set of cosmetic items that players can obtain by progressing through the same. Comprising 50 Tiers across 10 acts, the player can earn a certain number of free rewards (marked with the green gradient) and premium prizes (marked with the red gradient).

The paid track can be redeemed by getting the premium version of the same which would cost you 1000 Valorant points in-game, near to around USD 10$.  Each player is given access to a free version of the Battlepass and can earn rewards labeled as “free”. Other prizes are available when you purchase a special Premium version of the Battlepass.

Usually, it might take endless hours to grind out the Battlepass, but the only way out to get it done is the daily challenges. The latter provides you with experience points which enables you to progress faster while playing the game and unlock the Battlepass content as quickly as possible. 

Content included in the Act 2 Episode 2 Battle Pass

  • The third iteration of the Prism collection will be made available to the Battle Pass owners.
  • The free track will get you the pistols from the above-mentioned bundle.
  • Whereas, the paid track provides you with Prism III Axe melee with 4 variants along with weapons like Judge and Odin from the same bundle.

Cavalier Vandal

Cavalier Operator

Polyfrog Bundle





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