How to download New Bermuda Map in Free Fire

Free Fire Remastered Bermuda

Free Fire has been releasing new content on a regular basis and since the start of their new season, the new additions to this game have become more frequent.

Since their collaboration with football star Cristiano Ronaldo, Free Fire has been on an event spree with constantly releasing new events, and finally, an update regarding the upcoming ‘Remastered Bermuda’ map is out.

Bermuda has been one of the oldest maps in the game and after a long time, Garena announced that it will undergo massive changes and will be released with some new features.

In a teaser video, Free Fire released that a remastered version of the map will be launched in the game very soon.

This announcement was followed with several storylines about the upcoming Free Fire map and finally, remastered Bermuda is available in the download center. Although the map is not fully released yet, it will be launched at the start of next year.

Players can pre-download the map through the steps given below but for now, they cannot access it until Free Fire officially launches it. According to their social media post, it has been confirmed that Remastered Bermuda is coming to the game on 1st January 2021 but till then, players can only download it.

How to download Remastered Bermuda in Free Fire

You can follow these simple steps to download the map. Remember that you cannot play it till 1st Jan and hence, it is only available as an in-game package for now.

  • Open Free Fire and click on the ‘Download Center’ option present on the central top side of your screen.
  • Click on Remastered Bermuda and wait until it is downloaded.
Bermuda remastered map Free Fire Map Download

Right now, the game has only provided a package but the details about this new map will be revealed very soon.

Players will be able to enjoy Remastered Bermuda in several modes in the next year but until then, keep the package downloaded and wait for the official launch.