Free Fire Chrono Vending Machine Event: Release Date and Features Explained

Free Fire is launching a new in-game mini event called Chrono Vending Machine. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Free Fire Vending Machine Event

Free Fire has released its latest update and this season is themed to be about ‘Operation Chrono’. Chrono is the upcoming character in the game, which is a product of global partnership between CR7 and Free Fire. This season will have events surrounding Chrono and the upcoming Vending Machine is one of them.

Free Fire New Event – What is Vending machine in Free Fire?

Free Fire has announced that they will set-up vending machines in the matches where players can exchange tokens to gain some freebies and a permanent skin as well.

This event will run from 13th December to 25th December. It will not be available under ‘Events’ tab in-game but players will have to spot special tokens in their matches and then head to vending machines to redeem the rewards.

A Gold Coin type of token will be randomly distributed around the map and players can stack them up to get certain items. The token will look as follows:

Free Fire Chrono Vending Machine Token

After the tokens are collected, one can head to the vending machine and redeem some of the in-game items. The list of items is given below:

  • M828
  • M4A1
  • AK
  • AR Ammo
  • Gloo Wall
  • Med Kit
  • HG Ammo

The amount of tokens required for each items is as follows:

Free Fire Chrono Token price

Players also have a chance to win a permanent Chrono Parachute skin through this event. They will have to collect five tokens in a match and redeem them in order to get the permanent skin.

Free Fire Chrono Parachute Skin

This is everything you need to know about this event. Head in to the classic matches and grab the tokens to redeem these in-game items. These tokens are limited to a single match so remember to redeem them as soon as you get it and try to unlock the parachute skin through this Chrono Vending Machine event in Free Fire.

Free Fire Chrono Vending Machine Release Date

Chrono Vending Machine will appear in Free Fire from 13th December and this event will end by December 25.