Free Fire: How to get Gold Plated AK and 1900 Diamonds at low price

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Free Fire is renowned for its big skin collection and exclusive range of items. Players are always looking for a way to get some skins for free or at a cheap rate. The developers have started a membership service where players can get tons of diamonds for a very cheap rate.

The membership service in Free Fire is like a subscription where players need to pay a one-time fee for a certain period of time. The rewards enlisted in this membership will be unlocked overtime and players need to wait for some to unlock each and every reward.

Currently, two membership subscriptions are available in Free Fire. One costs ₹159 and players can earn 420 diamonds in a week. The monthly membership offers more value. Players can purchase this subscription for ₹599 and get 100 diamonds and Gold Plated AK skin instantly.

A total of 1900 diamonds could be earnt from this subscription but the catch is player will need to wait for a month to get the complete value. 60 diamonds will be credited in to your account and hence if you want to spend your diamonds in bulk, you will need to wait for a complete month.

If you want to purchase this subscription, follow the steps given below:

  • Click on Diamonds icon and then navigate to the Membership column.
  • Select the monthly membership and complete the payment procedure.
  • After collecting diamonds for a month, you will get 1900 diamonds and a free skin.

The value provided by this pack is very huge as the normal price of diamonds is almost double for the amount provided in this membership. Players can wait patiently to gain enough amount of diamonds overtime and then spend it on skins and other items.

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