COD Mobile Season 6: New Map, Guns, Aircraft in BR and more

Activision is set to release the new season of Call of Duty: Mobile very soon and the leaks have started to surface on the internet. Several hints suggest that a ton of content will be updated in COD Mobile Season 6 patch, which will be released on 29th June. Check out the new things that will be added to the game.

COD: Mobile is getting some tweaks in the latest update as new guns are coming to the multiplayer area along with the map Favela in season 6 update. The BR mode is also not neglected as it is getting a new mode of transportation in the form of aircraft. The details are as follows:

COD Mobile Season 6 Leaks

New MP Map: Favela

Activision is adding a new map to the big pool of multiplayer maps. This map is called as Favela. This map is based on Brazilian theme and sneak peeks of the map are shown below:

New Guns: KSP 45 and L-Car 9

Activision is also adding two new guns to the multiplayer mode called as KSP 45 and L-Car 9. The first gun will belong to SMG category while the other one is a pistol. By the looks, L-Car 9 will be a pistol similar to TEC9 seen in CSGO and it can be an automatic or a burst pistol.

The new guns leaks are as follows:

New BR Equipment: Aircraft “Jackal” and Anti-Air Weapon

The developers have added some new elements to the battle royale mode as an aircraft is coming to the game. It’s name is going to be Jackal and players can use it to travel long distances.

The aircraft can also be tamed by the new weapon or equipment added to the BR mode, called as Anti-Aircraft Weapon. It looks like a machine gun that can fire missiles but actual working can only be seen in-game.

As mentioned before, this update will hit the game on 29th June at 5PM PT. These are all the new changes that are coming to the game but some other things like a new battle pass, seasonal events and challenges are not included in the list. Make sure to check them when the update is released.

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