Axie Infinity Origin: How To Play

Axie Infinity Origin

The rise of Cryptocurrency has given birth to a number of applications that are based on blockchain technology. One such application of blockchain technology is Blockchain Gaming. 

Blockchain Gaming is generally based on two principles i.e. NFTs and P2E. In simple words, Blockchain Games generate income for its players via NFTs which can then be traded via the in-game network for a special token that can be traded publicly on crypto-exchanges for real-world currency. 

Sky Mavis, the company behind the most popular blockchain game Axis Infinity was the first to master the art of Blockchain Gaming and has since grown its audience by hundreds of thousands.

The game peaked with 2.7 Million daily active users back in July 2021. Now the company writes a new page on its journey with the evolution of its 1st gen game Axie Infinity to Axie Infinity Origins. 

Origins is built upon the success of Axie Infinity and retain most of its features while adding new features on top of old ones. Origin has new interfaces, battle mechanics, art, special effects, and storylines, plus a refreshed onboarding experience so you can easily recruit your family and friends.

Similar to its predecessor, Origins is based on the Ethereum blockchain with a system for players to control their virtual assets and rewards via the Ronin sidechain, which helps reduce transaction costs and latency.

The focus remains the same i.e. bred Axies to create potentially rarer and more powerful Axies which can then be sold on the in-game market for real-world currency.

Aside from breeding new Axies, players can also battle against computers or other players to earn Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and in higher-level tournaments, earn Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). These digital tokens can be traded for cryptocurrency which in turn can be converted into fiat currency via Ronin Wallet.

There are two game modes available for players in Axie Infinity:

Adventure Mode

The adventure mode is Player Versus Environment (PVE). Players must battle monsters on each of the 36 stages in PVE. Smooth Love Potion (SLP)  and experience will be given to them at each step, which in turn can be used to level-up Axies. 

Arena Mode

The arena mode is Player Versus Player (PVP). Similar to other multiplayer versus games, in arena mode, you fight against another player who is mostly of similar rank as you or just a bit above or below in ranking. 

On victory, you get SLP or in some cases, such as tournaments you earn Axie Infinity Shards (AXS).

Aside from the above two modes, you get a daily quest every day that may reward you with 50 SLP as a bonus. This free SLP may be obtained by winning 5 times in PVP and 10 times in PVE. Players may earn a maximum of 100 SLP every day in PVE for a total of 150 SLP every day. 

How to get started with Axie Infinity Origins?

Follow the steps below to get started with Axie Infinity:

1. Get an Ethereum Wallet

2. Create a Ronin Wallet

3. Create an Account on Axie Infinity here

4. Connect Your Email Account or Ronin Wallet

5. Download and create a Metamask account

6. Connect your Metamask account with your Axie Infinity account at the marketplace

7. Purchase Axies if you want or just skip this step

8. Install the game and start your adventure

In Origins you start with three base Axies that are not NFT enabled. These are called personal Axies and can’t be traded or bred. You can replace them anytime in your journey with a new Axie purchased from the marketplace.